Now is a better time than ever to relaunch Project Happiness! I am pleased to offer this course at a discounted rate to the general public, and at no cost for all essential workers! See sign up information below.

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Project Happiness is back!

Join the worldwide experience on April 6 or go at your own pace!

Project Happiness is a 4-week online experience to help boost positive feelings and promote happiness and well-being with scientifically proven techniques taken from the fields of positive psychology and mindfulness. Each of the four weeks is based on a theme that directly contributes to the science of happiness: Gratitude, Self-Care, Presence, and Social Connections. Project Happiness was designed with busy lives in mind, and includes brief yet effective tools combined with inspirational sources delivered to you daily. Participants will have the options of measuring changes throughout their journey with brief self assessments to increase motivation, and to join our private online community in Facebook to connect to other like-minded individuals and increase support!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Project Happiness?
Project Happiness is a four week online experience that teaches tools to boost happiness and positive feelings through scientifically proven techniques.

Can I do Project Happiness at my own pace?
Yes! You will receive a daily email containing mood boosting techniques and inspiration, and you can participate in real time or bank the emails for a later date.

How much of a time commitment does Project Happiness require?
Project Happiness was designed with busy lives in mind! Daily emails are brief, but contain links to explore or learn more information if desired at your own pace. All of the techniques taught in Project Happiness are customizable as well, and can be done at your convenience. Some techniques take as little as a few seconds, while others take a few minutes.

How can Project Happiness help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?
Project Happiness contains tools to help combat negative emotions and low energy experienced with the changing of seasons. When practiced on a regular basis, these tools can improve quality of life and enhance happiness levels to aid in seasonal mood changes.

Will I need to come in person?
No! The Project Happiness experience is designed to be online for your convenience and can take place at your own pace if desired.

Where do I sign up?

Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to sign up!

Where can I get more information?
Contact Dr. Gilman at via em​ail at or via phone at 301-500-0935

Here's what past participants have said about Project Happiness:

"I felt happier within the first week! Thank you!"

"This is such a great educational course. Love all the fresh and researched ideas!"

"Everyone can and should use the things you have taught over the last 28 days. Thank you for all your hard work!!"

"Thank you so much for generating this class. It has been inspiring and thought provoking!"

"Thank you for Project Happiness! I made some great progress towards happiness. It's so hard with the way the world is right now, but I plan to pull one of your emails every Sunday and use it as a tool for the upcoming week as I continue to try to strengthen the happiness zones of my brain. Thank you!"

"Project Happiness is the perfect mixture between reflection and action offering small but powerful daily activities and messages. Dr. Gilman created this with the busy working person in mind, so if you cannot achieve the goal for the day you can do it the next day or stash it into your toolbox for when it resonates. You will walk away with many new techniques to help you be your best, happiest self. I highly recommend Project Happiness to anyone at any stage of their lives!"  

Course cost: $199.00* 
*Promo codes are available! Contact Dr. Gilman for details

How to sign up:

***IMPORTANT: You must complete the first three of the following steps in order to register for the course. Keep this window open as a reference!***

1. Visit The Center For Mind and Body Health's online store HERE to purchase the course. If you have been provided with a promo code, use it at the check out!

2. Once you have paid for the course, a receipt containing the link to officially register for the course will be provided to you in an email.

3. Click on the link in your email, fill out the required information, and submit to complete your registration.

4. You should receive a welcome email from the Project Happiness course within a few minutes. This email also contains the link to the private Facebook group for the course, if you want to be a part of this community follow the link and click on "join group."